Our Favourite Coffee Shops in Barbados

Barbados may be known for its crystal-clear blue waters, its gorgeous beaches, and its luxury properties. However, what many people are not aware of is that Barbados also has some of the finest coffee that can be found anywhere in the Caribbean. Here at BarbadosExpatHomes.com, we have compiled a list of our favorite coffee shops on the island. These shops are beloved by expats and native citizens alike. 

Here are the top 6 coffee shops in Barbados: 

Novelteas Bistro & Teahouse

If you love tea in addition to coffee, then Novelteas Bistro & Teahouse is a great place for you to go and stop in for warm beverages, smoothies too!. There are hundreds of different coffee and tea options at this fantastic coffee shop. Novelteas Bistro & Teahouse is a great place to sit down, relax, and have an amazing coffee or tea. Enjoy the awesome sushi, wraps, pastas, salads and much more.  

The Coffee Bean

The Coffee Bean is a fantastic coffee shop that has five locations throughout Barbados including the primary store in Christ Church. This quaint coffee shop offers hundreds of menu items that range from delicious coffees from Africa, Brazil, to fresh salads, and tasty pastas. Stop into any of the five locations for a pleasant coffee experience.

Bliss Café

Bliss Café is located in Dover just east of St. Lawrence Gap. In addition to serving some of the best coffee on the island of Barbados, Bliss Café is also known for having outstanding paninis, fresh waffles, natural juices, and all-day English breakfasts. If you will be in the St. Lawrence Gap area, then you should strongly consider stopping at Bliss Café. 

Pastry Box

The Pastry Box is a great little coffee shop located at the Limegrove Shopping Center in Holetown, Barbados. This coffee shop is a fantastic place to shop in and have a freshly brewed, delicious coffee. In addition to coffee, you can also get great tasting cakes, and ice cream at this nice little place. 

Italia Coffee House

The Italia Coffee House is another fantastic coffee shop on the island. This shop has seven locations spread across the country. So, no matter which part of the island you are on, there is a good chance that there is an Italia Coffee House within close proximity to you. At any of the Italia Coffee House Locations, you can find White Chocolate Mochas, Macchiatos, Vanilla Lattes, and many more delicious coffees on the menu. 

Cafe 195 & Bistro 

Café 195 & Bistro is located in Warrens, St. Michael. This store is not your average coffee shop. There are countless menu items to choose from and you can even order wine, beer, liquor, and dairy-free smoothies at this shop. If you are looking for the widest selection of beverages, then this is an excellent shop for you to check out. Café 195 & Bistro also has special seasonal coffees which change depending on the season. In addition to having a wide selection of beverages, this coffee shop also has full breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus. So, if you are hungry, there is no shortage of great food choices as well.