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Should I work with one real estate agent or multiple?

It’s really your choice but we suggest that you work with one professional real estate agent that you trust. If you work with multiple real estate agents, your property search could become quite duplicated as most reputable real estate agents are connected and network with each other to share their listings. Lastly, real estate agents rather focus on clients who are solely working with them, as that way they know they will get paid for their time and efforts.

What do real estate agents mean when they say they sent another agent a client registration?

Basically, this is the way real estate agents register their clients with each other, usually this is sent via an email. If a client registration is sent off and the receiving agent is already working with the client, then the registration is declined.

Could I hire one real estate agent and see properties even if the property is listed by another real estate agent?

Sure. The Barbados Estate Agents and Valuers Association has a membership of over 120 real estate agents who network and share each others listings. So, for example, if you are being represented by Beach Life Realty and Sunset Real Estate is advertising a listing that you are interested in. Once you are not already in contact with Sunset Real Estate, your real estate agent at Beach Life Realty will send a client registration email to Sunset Real Estate to register your name, once your name is not registered on their system already, it’s all good to go for your real estate agent to arrange the showing.

Keep seeing the word Exclusive on some real estate agents listings. What does that mean?

An exclusive listing means that all enquiries and showings must be handled via the main listing agent. The landlord has appointed one real estate agent to handle all activity for their property. If you already have a real estate agent that you are working with, no problem. Once you’re not already in contact with the main listing agent directly, your real estate agent could contact the main listing agent to arrange a showing for you.

The property status is showing as under offer, what does that mean?

Under Offer means that a prospective renter made an offer to the landlord and negotiations are happening. Usually showings are suspended during this time. If the deal doesn’t go to completion, then the property status changes back to available.

Are properties in Barbados pet friendly?

More landlords are open to allowing pets on property. Before booking a showing, be sure to query the real estate agent if pets are allowed. Usually, it would be mentioned in the property ads but better to be sure before viewing a property, falling in love then to get disappointed if pets aren’t allowed.

Are insect screens installed on all properties?

Not all properties, but most of the modern listings have insect screens installed. Insect screens could be custom made for some difficult window and door designs that don’t already come fitted with screens.

Could I get utilities included in the rental price?

Utilities are usually on top of the rental price but in some cases, it could be included in the rental price. Some landlords are open to the tenant paying a higher rent and then including the utilities but with a cap on electricity.

What is the meaning of semi-furnished?

Semi-furnished refers to the property having some appliances and a bit of furniture or in some cases could be appliances only and no furniture. Please note the contents will vary depending on the landlord.

How many months is considered as a long-term rental?

Long term rentals are considered to be at least one year or more.

I viewed a property with a real estate agent and I’m interested, could I revisit the same property with another real estate agent to negotiate a deal?

No. That would definitely be unethical and not fair to the real estate agent who first showed you the property.

Before I get official approval by the landlord I have to complete a Rental Application?

With some tenants defaulting and not paying rent as agreed in the rental agreement. Landlords are taking the screening process more serious than ever before. The rental application is simply information on yourself, preferred move in date and duration of time, name, age, nationality, job details, current landlord, professional reference and if you have kids or pets etc.

Why do I need to supply a photo ID along with the rental application?

Believe it or not, some prospective renters do rent properties and supply an alias name. The photo ID gives the landlord peace of mind that they’re renting to a legit person.

On signing the rental agreement, what payments are due?

On the signing of the rental agreement, the first month’s rent and security deposit are due. In some cases, additionally the last month’s rent but this depends on the landlord’s requirements that’s stated in the rental agreement.

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