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Junior Sparks, one of Barbados’ most prominent real estate agents has appeared on his second episode of House Hunters International. House Hunters International is one of the flagship shows on the HGTV network.


Due to the success of the first episode of the show that Mr. Sparks appeared on, the HGTV network decided to have him appear in another episode. Barbados is a thriving real estate market for ex-pats and locals alike. Throughout the last decade, Junior Sparks has proved himself to be one of the most talented and most trusted real estate agents on the island.

From large luxury properties to villas to townhouses, Junior helps many different people to find their dream properties in Barbados. For his second appearance on House Hunters International, Junior helps a couple from Atlanta, Georgia whose names are Karie and Justin to find the perfect home on the island.


The couple is relocating to Barbados due to an opportunity for Karie to teach behavioral health at a university on the island. Justin works for a large non-profit that will allow him to work remotely from Barbados.

When Karie and Justin first sit down with Junior to discuss what they are looking for, they let him know that they would love to be close to the beach, but to also have enough space to have a yard that can fit a garden. They also let him know that they would like to have access to some nice amenities if possible, and that they will need at least three bedrooms. One of the bedrooms will serve as a home office for Justin.


With a budget of around USD$1,800 per month, Junior Sparks gets to work, trying to find the ideal property for the couple that meets all of their needs. Junior shows them a variety of properties along the southern part of the island that he thinks will be a good fit for them.

Karie and Justin have slightly different opinions about what would be best for their family. So, Junior tries to find an option that works for both of them. Each of the properties that Junior shows them have their own pros and cons. The couple struggles to choose the option that they think will work the best for them, but eventually, with Junior’s help, they reach a decision!


We won’t spoil then ending for you, but you should watch the episode to see which exciting property they young couple chooses. Throughout the episode, you can also see Junior display his professionalism and his knowledge of the local real estate market.

He is a genuine expert and Karie and Justin were very lucky to be able to work with him. If you or someone you know is moving to Barbados in the near future, then you can work with Junior by visiting his website BarbadosExpatHomes.com. He has helped hundreds of people to find their dream homes and he can find perfect properties at any budget.

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