Real Estate Advice About The Renting Process in Barbados

Barbados Expat Homes’ clients are always asking for rental advice, here are the most asked questions and answers about the rental process in Barbados. This Q&A is also perfect for those overseas who are applying for the new 12-Month Barbados Welcome Stamp visa, who probably have not rented a property in Barbados long-term before. Please feel free to comment below if you have any additional questions that you would like us to answer for you!


1.  Where Do I Find a Barbados Real Estate Agent?

Reputable and professional real estate brokerages/agents can easily be found online via the Barbados Estate Agents & Valuers Association (BEAVA). You can check the real estate agent’s direct website for updated content and reviews from past clients. Of course, we at Barbados Expat Homes would be happy assist you.

2.  How Many Real Estate Agents Should I Hire?

When deciding on hiring a real estate agent, it’s best to hire just one. The reason for this is that Barbados is a small island and the inventory of property listings is usually duplicated in ads across many offices. It is much easier for you to have just one real estate agent who will have access to all of the listings on the island to avoid duplicating the efforts and the time of multiple real estate agents who just send you the same listings.

3.  What Type of Home Should I Look For in Barbados?

Be as transparent as possible. Do you have any pets or young children? How many bedrooms do you need? What type of property: apartment, townhouse, or house? Do you want a furnished or unfurnished property? Do you want amenities like a gym, a swimming pool, and tennis courts? The more specific and transparent you are, the easier it will be for the real estate agent to find you the perfect home.

4.  What Should My Rental Budget Be?

Properties closer to the beach or right on the sand in Barbados come at a premium price. The more inland the property is, more likely tend to be a bit more reasonably priced. To give you a general idea, these are average rental prices seen over the years by Barbados Expat Homes. A modern furnished 2-bedroom apartment right on the beach usually starts from USD$2,750/Month and a furnished attractive 3-bedroom standalone house that’s inland usually starts from USD$1,600/Month.

Generally, a 1-bedroom furnished apartment starts at USD$600/Month, a 2-bedroom furnished apartment or townhouse starts at USD$900/Month and a 3-bedroom furnished apartment or townhouse starts at USD$1,250/Month.

5.  Should I Carpool with my Real Estate Agent?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has impacted all of our lives in some way, most Barbados real estate agents are no longer carpooling with their clients. Some real estate companies have also put protocols put into place that forbid real estate agents from carpooling. So, a meeting point can be set, then you follow your real estate agent to the first showing location in your own vehicle or you can have a driver.

6.  I Found a Property That I Love, What’s Next?

Some landlords are open to negotiations on the rental price, while others are not, especially since the Barbados real estate market is so active. When you find a property that you love, you will need to complete a tenant screening form and attach your photo ID. This will be sent to the landlord for review via your real estate agent at Barbados Expat Homes. The mentioned form essentially gives the landlord an idea of who you are. Question topics include: where you’re moving from, current employment, professional references, and whether or not you have pets or children.

7.  The Landlord Has Accepted My Rental Offer, What Next?

Congrats! The landlord has accepted your rental offer! A rental agreement will now be drafted for your review. If the draft is fine and you don’t have any requests for changes, it’s time to sign. Due on signing the rental agreement in Barbados is the first month’s rent and a security deposit which is equivalent to one month’s rent. The landlord or property manager will return the security deposit at the end of the tenancy after inspection once any damages have been covered. Depending on the landlord, some do request additionally the last month’s rent on signing.

8.  What Should I Know About Utility Services in Barbados?

Water, electricity, telephone, internet, cable TV, and gas are usually transferred to the tenant via the Barbados utility company’s transfer forms. Water remains in the landlord’s name and the bill could be updated to be in c/o the tenant’s name. Please note there are some cases where some or all utilities are included in the rent but this depends on the listing at hand. Most of the times garden and pool maintenance are included in the rent but this is up for negotiation with some landlords.

9.  What are the Last Things to Tick Off on Move In Day?

An inventory of all the items in the property is usually attached to the rental agreement. This document needs to be completed by ticking off each item on the list, noting the condition and signing off to confirm you’re in receipt of all the items in the property.

10.  All Work and No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy?

Enjoy the Barbados lifestyle! Time to celebrate closing the deal on your new home. So many stunning white tropical sandy beaches, surf, and other water sports, top-notch restaurants and how about buying some house-warming items at one of the many shopping malls on island? Congratulations, your new life in Barbados awaits you!

Barbados to Launch 12-Month Visa Stamp

In a historic new move, the government of Barbados is allowing people from other countries to get access to a 12-month visa stamp to come to Barbados and work remotely. This visa stamp is called the 12-Month Barbados Welcome Stamp.


Speaking about the program, the prime minister of Barbados, Mia Amor Mottley, said, the 12-Month Barbados Welcome Stamp allows “persons to come and work from here overseas, digitally so, so that persons don’t need to remain in the countries in which they are.”

Warrens Park, St. Michael – Ground Floor 3 Bed Apartment For Rent Offered At BDS$3,500/Month

This move by the Barbados government is a response to the fact that many businesses suffered in Barbados during the earlier parts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The prime minister is optimistic that the 12-month visa stamp will bring in a rush of digital workers who can bolster Barbados’ economy in the post-pandemic landscape.


Considering the fact that many people around the world have been cooped up at home, doing social distancing measures, the opportunity to travel to and work in Barbados for a full year will be very appealing to many.

Millwall Place, Welches Estate, St. James – Furnished Luxury 2 Bed Apartments For Rent From BDS$4,000/Month

The pandemic has forced many people who do not usually work from home to start working remotely. In fact, tens of millions of people around the world have had to figure out how to work remotely. Barbados wants to capitalize on the fact that there are more digital workers in the world now in order to help its tourism, restaurants, retail, and other industry to thrive in the coming years.


Many businesses on the island are grateful to the government for making it easier for remote workers to travel to the island and to work there.

Haylie Brae, Rendezvous Ridge, Christ Church – Ground Floor Furnished Luxury 3 Bed Apartment For Rent Offered At BDS$7,500/Month

Workers who take advantage of this new VISA program will be able to experience all of the countless benefits of Barbados including the wonderful beaches, gorgeous real estate, amazing restaurants, and peaceful way of life. For many of these workers, working from the beautiful island of Barbados will be much more pleasant than working from their home countries.


Anyone who wants to participate in this new VISA program and move to Barbados can get in touch with to get help with finding real estate on the island.

Kent, Christ Church – Furnished 4 Bed House For Rent Offered At BDS$7,500/Month

Barbados Expat Homes has over 15 years of experience helping expats to find real estate on the island. This company is a member of the Barbados Estate Agents and Valuers Association (BEAVA). This enables Barbados Expat Homes to get you access to additional listings even if represented by another real estate agent. This can provide you with even more rental options.


Landlords, don’t miss out on the opportunity for your property to be showcased to the international market! Loads of visitors are sending in enquiries now to rent homes for a year.

Crystal Court, Crystal Heights, St. James – Gated Community Furnished 2 Bed Apartment Offered At BDS$2,600/Month

Barbados Expat Homes also has a tenant guide on how the renting process works. So, anyone who is thinking about becoming a tenant in Barbados can use this guide to learn exactly how the process works.


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