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The Best Restaurants in Barbados

By: BarbadosExpatHomes.com

There are many high quality restaurants in Barbados. These restaurants are very well-reviewed, and offer a wide variety of delicious dishes. Here is a list of some of the top restaurants that you can visit in Barbados.

Cin Cin

Cin Cin is an incredibly elegant, new, and trendy restaurant that is located in Prospect, Barbados. Cin Cin is located directly on the water and provides incredible views of the ocean. The restaurant even has an air conditioned bar which can help you stay cool while you enjoy the delicious food that the restaurant provides. The food at the restaurant is Mediterranean with a Caribbean twist. You can order such amazing meals as pan-fried gnocchi, beef carpaccio, and ricotta ravioli. The food here is fantastic.

Champers Restaurant

Champers Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in all of Barbados. Located in Christ Church Parish, this restaurant provides an incredibly elegant, romantic, and sophisticated dining experience on the South Coast of the island. It has many different delicious meals to choose from, including, pan-seared queen scallops, shrimp and mango salad, seared ahi tuna, and many more. This restaurant is the perfect place to go for amazing food, and beautiful ocean views.


Primo Bar and Bistro is a lovely restaurant that is located in St. Lawrence Gap. It sits right on the beach, and has amazing views of the ocean. It is the perfect restaurant to go to if you like to eat right near the water. The restaurant itself is also incredibly beautiful and has luxurious hardwood floors and decks with tables that overlook the water. The menu is a delight for seafood lovers. Primos has many wonderful dishes including coconut jumbo shrimp, pickled octopus and breadfruit, and smoked marlin and avocado salad. The seafood is fresh caught and is very delicious.

Nishi Restaurant

Nishi is the top restaurant in Holetown. This restaurant offers a wide variety of Caribbean and Asian dishes in a gorgeous and tasteful environment. It is an excellent place to go to relax and enjoy a wonderful meal. Some of the dishes that Nishi offers include: tuna tartare, wild mushroom crepe, and Thai chicken satay. The head chef at Nishi has 15 years of experience in restaurants in New York, Miami, and the Shangi-La hotel in Indonesia.

The Cliff

The Cliff is one of the most popular and well-known restaurants in Barbados. It has a reputation of having incredible food and a lively and sophisticated ambiance. The restaurant is located in St. James. The head chef at The Cliff is Mr. Paul Owens. Paul Owens is a highly respected chef from England. The menu at The Cliff features many delicious seafood dishes. However, there are also pasta, salad, and meat options too. Some of the dishes offered at the Cliff include, 7 oz. fillet of prime beef tenderloin, Caribbean shrimp, and snow crab cake. The Cliff also has an excellent dessert menu.

Naru Restaurant and Lounge

The Naru Restaurant and Lounge provides a lovely ocean-side dining experience in Christ Church Parish. This restaurant has a menu that includes traditional Caribbean and Asian dishes. It also has a full sushi menu which was created by one of the top sushi chefs on the island, Barry Tyler. Some of the dishes that you can order at this restaurant include: deep fried softshell crab, green wakame seaweed salad, marinated yellowfin tuna, grilled local pork chops, and many more. The menu at Naru Restaurant and Lounge has no shortage of options.

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