10 Reasons Why You Should Rent With BarbadosExpatHomes.com

Barbados Expat Homes is one of the very best real estate agencies on the island of Barbados. Here are some of the most important reasons why you should rent with this agency if you are planning to move to Barbados from your native country in the near future.

1. Extremely high-quality properties

Barbados Expat Homes offers some of the highest quality properties for rent on the island of Barbados. If you are looking to find a beautiful, luxurious, and tasteful property to rent, then Barbados Expat Homes is the perfect agency to work with.

2. Experience

BarbadosExpatHomes.com is a sister company to the Global Estate Agency, which is one of the preeminent real estate agencies in the nation of Barbados. The professionals at these companies have over fifteen years of experience connecting clients with incredible properties.

3. Very knowledgeable agents

The real estate agents at Barbados Expat Homes are extremely knowledgeable about the local real estate market. They will be able to find the best homes for you to rent that are in line with your budget and your specific needs.

4. Variety of properties

We can find you any of the following property types to rent: houses, townhouses, apartments, gated community properties, furnished properties, unfurnished properties, properties with pools, properties with gardens, and more.

5. Corporate relocations

One of the things that Barbados Expat Homes is known for is working with corporations to find temporary housing for their employees. If your company needs to move employees to the island, then Barbados Expat Homes is one of the best real estate agencies to assist with this.

6. Speed

Barbados Expat Homes has some of the top real estate agents on the island, they can help you to find properties to rent extremely quickly. This prevents you from having to deal with stressful, long waiting periods while you are trying to find a property.

7. Neighbourhood expertise

Barbados Expat Homes’ real estate agents are experts on all of the neighborhoods on the island. This means that they can help you to find the ideal neighborhood for you and/or your family.

8. Proven results

Barbados Expat Homes has a history of finding incredible properties for its clients and it has developed a very positive reputation on the island. Barbados Expat Homes and its sister company Global Estate Agency both have long lists of happy clients that keep growing every single year.

9. Passion

The professionals at Barbados Expat Homes are extremely passionate about what they do. It is their goal to serve you and to help you find the best possible property for your situation. People at the company love the real estate industry and the Barbados market.

10. Transition assistance

The team at Barbados Expat Homes helps out with everything from getting utilities set up to providing recommendations for shopping and for fun things to do. They know everything about the island and they are eager to help!

Where to Live in Barbados – Guide to Sought After Neighbourhoods

Barbados is one of the most beautiful nations in the entire world. This is because it is a tropical paradise in the middle of the gorgeous Caribbean region. The country has incredible beaches, restaurants, tourist destinations, and more. However, despite the fact that the entire country is beautiful, there are some neighbourhoods that are more sought after than others.

Here is a guide to Barbados’ most sought after neighbourhoods.

1. The West Coast

Fitts Village, Barbados

The west coast is the highest-end and most luxurious area to stay in on the whole island. It is often referred to as the “Platinum Coast,” because so many wealthy people, including a number of billionaires have properties on this coast. If money is not an object for you, and if you are looking for maximum opulence and splendor, then this area of the island is probably best for you. The beaches are absolutely incredible, and so are the mansions. Porters and Gibbes are two highly requested areas on the west coast. There are also plenty of beautiful golf courses, top-notch restaurants, tennis clubs, and gated communities in this area. Dairy Meadows, Bamboo Ridge, Holetown, Sandy Lane, Apes Hill Club, Royal Westmoreland, Sugar Hill Resort, St. Silas Heights, Port St. Charles, Maynards, Heywoods, and Mullins are all great neighbourhoods on the west coast.

2. The South Coast

Fort George Heights, Barbados

The south coast is slightly more reasonable than the west coast, but still one of the nicest areas on the island. There are plenty of beautiful beaches and lovely boardwalks on this part of the island. However, the airport is in this area and property prices are slightly less expensive. If you travel frequently, then the south coast may be a lot more convenient for you.

Rockley, Blue Waters, Rendezvous, Worthing, Dover, Club Morgan, Highgate Gardens, Pine Gardens, Elizabeth Park, Fort George Heights, South Ridge, Warners, Tino Terrace, Graeme Hall Park, Maxwell, Southern Heights, Atlantic Shores, Durants, and Enterprise are all good neighbourhoods on the south coast.

3. The East Coast

Ocean City, Barbados

The east coast is a lot more reasonable than both the south coast and the west coast. This is mostly because it is farther away from things like the deep water harbour, Kensington Oval cricket stadium, and a lot of the shopping malls in the city Bridgetown. However, the east coast does have its own commercial district: Six Cross Roads. It also has a lot of petrol stations, supermarkets, shopping plazas, etc. Some of the top neighbourhoods in this area include Crane, Ocean City, Long Bay, Belair, Bottom Bay, and Kirtons.

4. Warrens

Warrens, Barbados

Warrens is one of the fastest growing areas of Barbados. This region is located a few kilometers east of the platinum coast, and has a lot of construction going on currently. It is quickly establishing itself as one of the key business areas on the island and new high rises are being built. If you want to live very near a popular business hub, then this is a great place for you to live. A lot of new money flowing into Barbados is going to Warrens. It is a very exciting place to be right now. Clermont, Crystal Heights, Millennium Heights, Prior Park, Welches, Cane Garden, Lion Castle and Edgehill are a few of the most requested locations near Warrens.


Photo Cred: Zinnia Development. A sale listing we have featured via Global Estate Agency Inc.

Junior Sparks: One of Barbados’ Shining Real Estate Stars

If you are planning to enter the Barbados real estate market, Junior Sparks of Global Estate Agency Inc. and BarbadosExpatHomes.com is an excellent real estate agent who can help you. Not only does Junior have over 15 years of experience working as a real estate agent in Barbados’ dynamic real estate market, but he has a long list of happy clients that consists of both locals and expats.

The reason why Junior is able to be so successful is because he possesses the training, the experience, the network, and the knowledge of the local market, which are required for excellence. Having all of these things enables Junior to find the perfect properties and/or renters/buyers.  Junior is a Barbados real estate license holder. He’s also an accounting and real estate sales graduate from Barbados Community College. Further, he is a member of the Barbados Estate Agents and Valuers Association.

An Agent You can Trust

Throughout his over 15 years in the industry, Junior has made a name for himself as a Barbados real estate agent that you can trust. Junior has helped many locals and expats find fantastic properties. He loves to help people and many of his clients become repeat clients because they are so happy with the services he provides. Some have even become good friends!

Real estate is Junior’s passion and he has made a habit of achieving great success in the mid to high-end Barbados real estate market. He is extremely well-connected, and he knows all of the right people in the industry. If you are looking for a high quality real estate agent to help you find a property to rent or buy, or to help find tenants or buyers on the island of Barbados, then he is the perfect man for the job. 

Junior fully understands how important it is for expats to have a great real estate agent who can help them find a great property on the island, whether they are relocating for work, retirement, or for any other reason. His number one priority is making sure that his clients are happy, and he works tirelessly to meet this goal.

Personal Life

Junior Sparks is a man who likes to give back to the community and he does so frequently. He knows that the great island nation of Barbados has helped him and so he does his part to return the favour. When Junior is not putting together real estate deals for his clients, he enjoys family time, playing sports such as tennis and golf. He is also quite fond of weight lifting and likes to stay fit. He believes that fitness is helpful for maintaining a healthy mind and healthy body, both of which help to increase success and happiness.

In addition to working out and playing sports, Junior is also very fond of travelling. He has been to many places around the world including Dubai, LA, Hollywood, UK, Italy, France, Spain, Las Vegas and the list goes on. Whenever his schedule allows, he likes to get on a plane and just go somewhere new. He believes that travelling helps to broaden his perspective. He also just thinks it is a lot of fun!

However, even though Junior loves travelling and athletics, nothing compares to his passion for real estate and helping expats transition to the beautiful island of Barbados. Junior genuinely cares about his clients, and it is very important to him that they settle in well after they have signed their rental or sale agreement. If you need a real estate agent in Barbados, then you should strongly consider working with Junior. He is an excellent real estate agent, and a great person to work with. He will find you excellent deals.

Shopping in Barbados

Barbados is known around the world for its beautiful beaches and clear blue waters. However, there are also many other wonderful things to do in Barbados besides go to the beach. For example, Barbados also has many excellent shopping areas. If you like to shop, then here are some of the best places to go shopping on the island of Barbados.

Limegrove Lifestyle Centre

The Limegrove Lifestyle Centre is a wonderful place to shop in Barbados. You can find products from 100 of the world’s best fashion brands at the Limegrove Lifestyle Center. Some of these brands include Burberry, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, and Louis Vuitton. You can also find high-end jewelry, accessories, and apparel here. Further, this shopping center is just an excellent place to hang out, eat lunch, or dinner, or go to a bar. You can enjoy a lovely day by yourself, with your friends, or with your family by visiting the Limegrove Lifestyle Center. If you need some new clothes, jewelry, or accessories, then this is definitely a very good place to get them.

Cave Shepard

Cave Shepard is home to the largest department store in Barbados. If you are looking for duty-free merchandise, then this is one of the single best places to get it in all of Barbados. At the Cave Shepard shopping area, you can get cameras, jewelry, leather, designer clothing, souvenirs, fine china, and more! If you have just moved to the island and if you are looking for a great place to shop, then Cave Shepard is a fantastic option.

Sheraton Mall

The Sheraton Mall is a one of the largest shopping and entertainment centers in all of Barbados. This Mall has over 120 stores, and has a large movie theatre called Olympus Theatres Cinema Multiplex. The Sheraton Mall is a great place to see a movie or to spend the day shopping. You can find everything from high-end clothing, to books, to electronics at this mall. Whatever you are looking for, there is a good chance this mall will have it. It is also just a great place to hang out, eat food, or get drinks.

Pelican Craft Center

There are roughly 20 crafts boutiques at this shopping center. Most of the items sold at this shopping center are handcrafted. So, if you are looking for items that are genuine Barbados products, then this is one of the best places to find them on the whole island. All of the shops in this area are thatched roof and have a very rustic, and historic feel to them. This is definitely a good place to go if you want to get a feel for traditional Barbados culture. You can buy things such as pottery, clothing, and jewelry at this shopping center.

The Cruise Ship Terminal at Bridgetown

This is a great place to shop, and it is where many of the passengers from cruises that pass by Barbados, shop. At the Cruise Ship Terminal, there are over 20 duty free shops, 13 local shops, and many different vendors. Whether you are looking for jewelry, clothing, souvenirs, or just great food, this is one of Barbados’ finest shopping centers.


The Best Restaurants in Barbados

There are many high quality restaurants in Barbados. These restaurants are very well-reviewed, and offer a wide variety of delicious dishes. Here is a list of some of the top restaurants that you can visit in Barbados.

Cin Cin

Cin Cin is an incredibly elegant, new, and trendy restaurant that is located in Prospect, Barbados. Cin Cin is located directly on the water and provides incredible views of the ocean. The restaurant even has an air conditioned bar which can help you stay cool while you enjoy the delicious food that the restaurant provides. The food at the restaurant is Mediterranean with a Caribbean twist. You can order such amazing meals as pan-fried gnocchi, beef carpaccio, and ricotta ravioli. The food here is fantastic.

Champers Restaurant

Champers Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in all of Barbados. Located in Christ Church Parish, this restaurant provides an incredibly elegant, romantic, and sophisticated dining experience on the South Coast of the island. It has many different delicious meals to choose from, including, pan-seared queen scallops, shrimp and mango salad, seared ahi tuna, and many more. This restaurant is the perfect place to go for amazing food, and beautiful ocean views.


Primo Bar and Bistro is a lovely restaurant that is located in St. Lawrence Gap. It sits right on the beach, and has amazing views of the ocean. It is the perfect restaurant to go to if you like to eat right near the water. The restaurant itself is also incredibly beautiful and has luxurious hardwood floors and decks with tables that overlook the water. The menu is a delight for seafood lovers. Primos has many wonderful dishes including coconut jumbo shrimp, pickled octopus and breadfruit, and smoked marlin and avocado salad. The seafood is fresh caught and is very delicious.

Nishi Restaurant

Nishi is the top restaurant in Holetown. This restaurant offers a wide variety of Caribbean and Asian dishes in a gorgeous and tasteful environment. It is an excellent place to go to relax and enjoy a wonderful meal. Some of the dishes that Nishi offers include: tuna tartare, wild mushroom crepe, and Thai chicken satay. The head chef at Nishi has 15 years of experience in restaurants in New York, Miami, and the Shangi-La hotel in Indonesia.

The Cliff

The Cliff is one of the most popular and well-known restaurants in Barbados. It has a reputation of having incredible food and a lively and sophisticated ambiance. The restaurant is located in St. James. The head chef at The Cliff is Mr. Paul Owens. Paul Owens is a highly respected chef from England. The menu at The Cliff features many delicious seafood dishes. However, there are also pasta, salad, and meat options too. Some of the dishes offered at the Cliff include, 7 oz. fillet of prime beef tenderloin, Caribbean shrimp, and snow crab cake. The Cliff also has an excellent dessert menu.

Naru Restaurant and Lounge

The Naru Restaurant and Lounge provides a lovely ocean-side dining experience in Christ Church Parish. This restaurant has a menu that includes traditional Caribbean and Asian dishes. It also has a full sushi menu which was created by one of the top sushi chefs on the island, Barry Tyler. Some of the dishes that you can order at this restaurant include: deep fried softshell crab, green wakame seaweed salad, marinated yellowfin tuna, grilled local pork chops, and many more. The menu at Naru Restaurant and Lounge has no shortage of options.

10 Things to Do in Barbados with Kids

The island of Barbados is a tropical paradise that many adults dream of visiting or moving to. However, Barbados is great for kids too! Kids can enjoy the island just as much as adults can. Here are some of the best things to do in Barbados with kids.

1. Go to the beach

Barbados beaches are some of the finest in the entire world. Beaches such as the Silver Sands, Crane, Bottom Bay, Bathsheba, and Accra are gorgeous and picturesque. Kids can play in the sand or the water while moms and dads also enjoy the lovely beaches.

2. Go to a cricket match 

Barbados is home to a number of great cricket teams. Cricket can be very exciting and fun to watch. Considering that cricket is not very popular in the United States, watching a cricket match can provide a unique experience for your kids if you are from the U.S. Kensington Oval is a fantastic venue for watching cricket.

3. Go on a pirate cruise 

The Jolly Roger provides a “pirate cruise” experience where families can hop on board a pirate ship for a cruise around local Barbados waters. The Jolly Roger has pirate sails, and also has planks that can be walked and rope swings that can be swung from. It is a wonderful experience.

4. Visit Harrison’s Cave

Harrison’s Cave is a natural cave in Barbados that has incredible waterfalls, rock formations, and stalactites. Taking a day trip here is an excellent adventure for adults and children alike. It is one of the most interesting places to visit on the entire island.

5. Check out the George Washington house

As a 19 year-old, George Washington lived in Barbados for two months. It was the only foreign country he ever visited. You can take your kids to go explore the house where he lived. The historical value of this house is amazing.

6. Go to a fish fry

Fish fries in Barbados can be very entertaining events. Not only is the food fantastic, but fish fries such as Oistin’s Friday Night Fish Fry have Caribbean dancing and reggae music. Oistin’s fish fry is a great place to bring the kids for a nice meal and some local entertainment.

7. Explore Andromeda Botanic Gardens

Andromeda Botanic Gardens on the east coast of Barbados are a series of beautiful gardens. Here, you and your children can walk around the peace area and look at gorgeous plants and check out breathtaking ponds.

8. Visit the Barbados Wildlife Reserve

The Barbados Wildlife Reserve is home to some of Barbados’s most interesting wildlife, such as monkeys, peacocks, and tortoises. There is also a station tower, which gives a fantastic view of the island.

9. Go on a tour of Bridgetown

Taking a tour of the largest city in Barbados is a wonderful way to spend the day and to get to know the island better. A Bridgetown tour, you can learn about the history of the city, and see great landmarks.

10. Play golf or tennis

There are many beautiful golf courses and tennis courts in Barbados. If your children need to do something active, then visiting one of the scenic golf courses or tennis courts on the island is a great way to spend some time in Barbados. The Sandy Lane Resort has excellent tennis courts, and a golf course as well. The Turtle Beach Resort, Royal Westmoreland and Apes Hill Club are other great Barbados resorts for people who love golf.

Utility Services in Barbados Available for Expats

Whether you are moving to a gorgeous Barbados beachfront property, or a quaint home in the Barbados countryside, you will need utility services. They’re a number of major utility companies who service the majority of properties in Barbados. Here is a look at some of these companies and how you can get utilities if you are moving to Barbados in the near future.

1. Light and Power

The Barbados Light and Power Company is the main provider of light and power to properties on the island of Barbados. In general, electricity costs slightly more in Barbados than it does in many other nations. This is because resources can be harder to come by on an island. If you would like to know what your electricity bill would be from the Barbados Light and Power Company, then you can use their bill estimator tool. This can give you a good estimate of the money you would owe if you lived on the island and were using power.

If you do not want to use the Barbados Light and Power company to get energy for your property, then solar is also an option. You can install solar panels. 30 percent of Barbados homes already have solar powered water heaters. However, installing solar panels is still a good alternative to using traditional power.

2. Water

Potable water on the island of Barbados is primarily supplied by the Barbados Water Authority. The Barbados Water Authority is a government run organization. There are natural coral aquifers on the island, which help to collect clean drinking water. Despite the fact that the water from these aquifers is very clean, the Barbados Water Authority still adds chlorine to the water supply. This is so that the organization can be compliant with World Health Organization standards. The water on the island is safe to drink. However, some people still prefer to drink bottled water because of a perception of better taste.

3. Gas 

The National Petroleum Corporation is the company that supplies natural gas to homes on the island of Barbados. Roughly 20,000 homes on the island get their natural gas from the National Petroleum Corporation. If you plan to use natural gas, then this is the company that you will be using. You can also purchase bottle gas from petrol stations.

4. Internet, Cable, Telephone

If you plan on using wireless internet or cable services while you are staying in Barbados, then you will need to use a local Barbados wireless and cable provider. Flow Barbados is the predominant telecommunications company on the island. So, when you move there, it may be wise to set up an appointment with Flow Barbados to have them come and install telecommunications services in your home very quickly. Digicel is also a great company that provide internet, cable, telephone, and mobile services as well. In the modern economy, many expats run businesses, or conduct a lot of business activity online, so making sure that they have reliable internet connection can be a very high priority. Flow Barbados and Digicel can supply you with reliable internet services.

Should I work with one Barbados Realtor or Multiple?

If you are thinking of relocating to Barbados, then finding an excellent realtor is key for getting the best properties. However, if you are unfamiliar with the Barbados real estate market, then you may be trying to decide whether or not you should use one Barbados realtor or multiple. The answer is one, and here is why.

1. Network  

All high quality realtors in Barbados are members of the Barbados Estate Agents and Valuers’ Association. Through this association, realtors can have access to all relevant property listings on the island. This means that it is unnecessary for you go choose to use multiple realtors because a single high quality Barbados realtor will be able to find you the best properties that are available in your price range through its network.

2. Convenience  

Working with just one realtor is significantly more convenient than working with multiple realtors. The reason is because if you are working with several or many different realtors, then you will have them all trying to communicate with you at once, and you can find yourself swamped with emails, voicemails, and texts, as they all compete to try to find you a great property or client. It may be hard for you to even keep track of which property or client has been presented to you by which realtor. Essentially, it is much more convenient to just use one realtor and have the communication between you and that realtor be very simple. This can help you prevent a lot of headaches.

3. Time  

If you use more than one realtor, then every aspect of the real estate process is going to take significantly more time. It will take you more time to research realtors, it will take you more time to set up meetings with them, it will take you more time to set up contracts and showings with them, etc. If you work with just one realtor, you will save large amounts of time while you are looking for great Barbados real estate. Time is very valuable, so this is something that you should definitely consider when you are trying to decide whether to use one realtor or multiple.

4. Priority Client

There is a much higher chance that you will be prioritized as a client if you work with just one realtor. This is because if you work with a number of different realtors, then each realtor knows that there is a smaller chance that they will get the commission. However, if you work with just one, then the realtor will more likely view you as a higher priority. So, no matter if you are a property owner, or if you are looking for property, working with a single realtor vs. numerous realtors can help you get the best quality treatment and the fastest closing times.

If you are looking for a great realtor on the island of Barbados, BarbadosExpatHomes.com is a top quality realtor who can help you tremendously. Please feel free to contact us today at 246-426-9469 or expat@globalestateagency.net to learn more about how we can help you. We look forward to speaking with you.


Relocating to Barbados

Relocating to Barbados can be a wonderful decision. The island has many incredible amenities, golf courses, properties, and more. Further, Barbados beaches and Barbados all-inclusive resorts are some of the best in the entire world.

However, if you are relocating to Barbados, then there are a number of things that you need to know before you move. Here are some of the top things that are important to know before relocating to Barbados.

1. Work Permits

If you plan to work on the island of Barbados after you relocate, then you will be required to obtain a work permit. There are two types of work permits that are available for non-nationals who are relocating to Barbados: short-term permits, and long-term permits. Short-term permits are available for up to 11 months. Long-term permits are available for up to 3 years. Both types of permits can be obtained from the Barbados Immigration Department.

2. Shipping

Because Barbados is an island in the middle of the Caribbean, inhabitants of the island rely on shipping to obtain many goods. This means that it is important to know what your options are for shipping if you are relocating to Barbados. UPS, Amerijet, MyUS.com, IPSParcel.com, and the USPS, are all excellent options for shipping to Barbados. You can get shipping price quotes on the websites for these companies.

3. Vehicle Purchasing

There are car dealers in Barbados where you can buy vehicles. However, purchasing a car in Barbados can be significantly more expensive than it is in places such as the U.S. or the U.K. This is not only because shipping vehicles to the island is expensive, but also because there are no automakers on the island. So, prepare to pay as much as 2-3 times per vehicle than you would in the U.S. or U.K. If you are planning on driving in Barbados, you must also have a valid license and driving permit, insurance, and you must pay the road tax. You can contact the Barbados Licensing Authority to learn more.

4. Pets

If you are planning on bringing pets with you when you relocate to Barbados, then there are a number of regulations that you will have to comply with. The regulations vary depending on which nation you are relocating from. For example, it may be necessary for you to have your pets microchipped, vaccinated for rabies, treated for ticks and heartworm, etc. All pets must pass a veterinary inspection to obtain an official Veterinary Health Export Health Certificate. The Barbados Ministry of Agriculture handles pet regulations, and you can contact them or read their website to learn more.

5. School Options

There are many options for schooling on the island of Barbados. For example, there are 93 primary schools and 22 secondary schools in Barbados that are government-run. There are also a number of private school options. For example, The Codrington School, St. Winfred’s, Providence School and St. Gabriel’s are all excellent private school options. However, it is also common for expats and non-nationals to send their children to boarding school in their original country for secondary school. So, you will be able to choose from all of these options. All schooling in Barbados is done in English.