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The island of Barbados is well-known for its beautiful beaches, perpetual sunshine, and fun way of life. Part of the reason why Barbados is such a great place to live is because it has many amazing and delicious restaurants. In this blog, we are going to list the top five south coast restaurants in Barbados for you. Once you know these restaurants, you can visit them regularly to have a good time and a great meal! 

Champers Restaurant

Conveniently located between the lovely Worthing and Rockley beaches, Champers Restaurant is one of the very best restaurants on the island. This restaurant not only has breathtaking views of the ocean, but it also has an exquisite menu with many tremendous food options. For example, on the Champers dinner menu, you can find delicious items such as Coconut Shrimp, Pan-Seared Queen Scallops, and Grilled Atlantic Salmon. There are so many good items on the menu here that it will be hard to choose what you want!

Buzo Osteria Italiana 

Buzo Osteria Italiana is a wonderful restaurant located in Hastings, Barbados. This restaurant is very lively and provides a spirited and vibrant atmosphere. The food is also an outstanding and it is a great place to take a date to impress him or her. Some of the exciting items on the menu at this restaurant are Spaghetti Al Nero Di Seppia, Crepe Al Limon Con Pesche, and Mini Arancini Al Prosciutto. Even though Barbados is thousands of miles from Italy, you can still get a great Italian meal at this restaurant.

Tapas Restaurant

Tapas restaurant is another fantastic restaurant on the south coast of Barbados. This restaurant is located between Rockley Beach and the Richard Haynes Boardwalk. At Tapas, you can find many excellent dishes in addition to a spectacular view of the Caribbean sea. Some of the best dishes on the menu at Tapas are Lobster and Shrimp Linguine, Salmon Pappardelle, and Beef Entrecote.

Salt Café

The Salt Café is a charming venue in Hastings on the South Coast, At this restaurant, you can find a variety of tasty dishes. Some of the best meals that you can get at the Salt Café are Sweet Potato Crusted Fish, Cajun-Spiced Cauliflower Steak, and Skillet Mac N’ Cheese. In addition to these excellent menu items, the Salt Café also has some great desserts including: Warm Chocolate Brownie and the Bonfire Bao.

Cocktail Kitchen

Cocktail Kitchen is an amazing restaurant that is full of bright colors and amazing menu items. Of course, there are also many high-quality cocktails at this restaurant as well. This restaurant is known for being one of the best nightlight spots on the island. Some of the best menu items at Cocktail Kitchen include CK Burge, Caribbean Seafood Curry, andFettucine Alfredo. Some of the best cocktails available at this restaurant include, the Coconut Mojito, the Berry Fizzy, and the Sunburn Cooler. If you like great food and cocktails, then this is the place for you!

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